Physico-chemical properties of reduced-fat beef species sausage with pork back fat replaced by pineapple dietary fibres and water.

27 Jul 2016

The effects of pineapple dietary fibres (PDF) on physical, chemical and textural attributes of species sausage were investigated. Samples containing 1% of three different PDF (NSP60, NSP100, NSP200) and water (replacing pork back fat) were compared to the control. The control species sausages differed in moisture, protein, total fat, ash and total fibre from those containing fibre. Fibre containing sausages were similar in terms of proximate composition. The ground meat mixture stability was based on total expressible fluid (TEF), cooking loss and purge. The NSP200 samples had cooking loss and TEF similar to the control. NSP100 samples had the lowest cooking loss though similar to both the control and NSP200 sausages. NSP60 samples had higher cooking loss and TEF values than all sausage samples. Addition of fibre and water caused increases in purge, lightness, hue and chroma while reducing pH and textural properties. Fibre NSP100 was the most suitable for use in species sausage.