Phase Equilibria in the Fe-Mo-Ti Ternary System at 1173 K (900 °C) and 1023 K (750 °C)

02 Aug 2017

Alloys with fine-scale eutectic microstructures comprising Ti-based A2 and TiFe B2 phases have been shown to have excellent mechanical properties. In this study, the potential of alloys with further refined A2-B2 microstructures formed through solid-state precipitation has been explored by analyzing a series of six alloys within the Fe-Mo-Ti ternary system. Partial isothermal sections of this system at 1173 K (900 °C) and 1023 K (750 °C) were constructed, from which the ternary solubility limits of the A2 (Ti, Mo), B2 TiFe, D8$_5$ Fe$_7$Mo$_6$ , and C14 Fe$_2$Ti phases were determined. With these data, the change in solubility of Fe in the A2 phase with temperature, which provides the driving force for precipitation of B2 TiFe, was determined and used to predict the maximum potential volume fraction of B2 TiFe precipitates that may be formed in an A2 (Ti, Mo) matrix.