Perspectives on web-based instructional technology methodologies in teaching post-graduate programmes with specific reference to the MPA international administration course at the University of Pretoria (SA)

08 Nov 2007

South Africa’s emergence into the global sphere after years of isolation necessitates a re-consideration of its political, economic development and social policies and strategies. Public servants are presently required to take cognisance of international developments, rather than only domestic activities when engaging in policy management. International political manoeuvrings, trade agreements and social exchanges, call for institutions of learning to design programmes of International Administration to significantly address these issues. In addition, the employment of state of the art technologies as instruments of development, justifies thorough scrutiny as well. The University of Pretoria acknowledges the importance of utilising information technology in teaching methodology as well as its impact thereof on globalisation and international administration. The redesigned International Administration programme at the University of Pretoria has recently introduced a web-based MPA in International Administration with the aim at enhancing candidates’ information technology literacy skills whilst at the same time affording the convenience of pursuing their studies from remote locations. The redesigned programme in particular, focuses on the specific needs of the adult learner, thus following the principles of an andragogical learning approach.