Performing arts activism: Conceptualising an eco artistic intercultural choreographic practice and performance called 'Melting Ice' for addressing climate change

11 Apr 2019

In this article we argue that the power and politics of the arts is a way of raising awareness and responding to the globally shared problem of climate change. The impact of climate change is addressed here in the connection between an intercultural dance performance called “Siku Aappoq/Melting Ice” and the performative locus, which exists, politically, culturally and geographically inscribed. The approach to choreographic practice sees the body as a site from which comes forward the story of climate change as processes happening in nature to an iceberg and performance as the radical harmony or solubility of the body in all that we do not call the body. This is the context for deepening our connection to the viscosity of the living earth. The perceived impact of a choreographic practice seems to manifest itself primarily when looking back at how the dancers were becoming and being icebergs, and, in the act of labelling the choreographic practice of dance-making, the process gives rise to activism.