Organisational cultural perceptions of female employees at a higher education institution : an exploratory study

27 Mar 2015

?? Objectives: This article examines the organisational cultural perceptions of female administrative employees at a higher education institution in South Africa. It aims to identify specific organisational characteristics valued and prioritised by female employees and to empirically assess their attitudes and perceptions towards the organisation and their jobs respectively. ?? Research design and methods: A quantitative and descriptive research approach is followed. The literature study presents a review of the different facets of organisational culture. During the empirical survey, a self-administered questionnaire was distributed to 50 female administrative employees at a higher education institution. ?? Results: From this study it is evident that female employees at this higher education institution do not perceive organisational culture to be unsupportive and detrimental to their job performance. The results of this study suggest that the organisational culture has an impact on how female employees interact with their work environment. ?? Conclusion: It is suggested that organisations seek to create organisational cultures which are supportive of female employees. ?? Knowledge contribution: Practical guidelines are provided as for instilling and managing organisational culture. The implementation of diversity management programmes at higher education institutions, with specific reference to women?s rights and values, could benefit from implications identified in this study.