Online training and digital education with a case study between south africa, africa and china

02 Nov 2021

Under the leadership of the African Union (AU) and China, the Forum of China-Africa Co-operation (FOCAC) has promoted the deep relationship on the number of fields, including the basic and higher education. In Dec. 2015 the Johannesburg Summit of the FOCAC Chinese President Jinping Xi announced that China and AU would target to co-establish five higher educational institutions on transport. In Dec. 2019, Nigerian government and Chinese government co-announced that a brand new physical campus of China-Africa Transport University was constructed in the border of Nigeria and Niger with the first phase as US$50million. As the 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR) is coming in Africa, an online higher education system has played an important role under the MOOC and hybrid mode, especially during COVID-19. This presentation will identify a case study: Online China-Africa Transport University which will be aligned with the one of focuses under the FOCAC by the cost-effective principle.