On the time-temperature-transformation behaviour of a new dual-superlattice nickel-base superalloy

19 Feb 2018

Recent research has identified compositions of nickel-based superalloys with microstructures containing appreciable and comparable volume fractions of γ′ and γ″ precipitates. In this work, an alloy capable of forming such a dual-superlattice microstructure was subjected to a range of thermal exposures between 873 and 1173 K (600 and 900 ˚C) for durations of 1 to 1000 hours. The microstructures and nature of the precipitating phases were characterised using synchrotron X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy. These data have enabled the construction of a T-T-T diagram for the precipitating phases. Hardness measurements following each thermal exposure have identified the age-hardening behaviour of this alloy and allowed preliminary mechanical properties to be assessed.