On a supersymmetric completion of the R-4 term in IIB supergravity

22 Feb 2018

We analyze the possibility of constructing a supersymmetric invariant that contains the $R^4$ term among its components as a superpotential term in type IIB on-shell superspace. We consider a scalar superpotential, i.e. an arbitrary holomorphic function of a chiral scalar superfield. In general, IIB superspace does not allow for the existence of chiral superfields, but the obstruction vanishes for a specific superfield, the dilaton superfield. This superfield contains all fields of type IIB supergravity among its components, and its existence is implied by the solution of the Bianchi identities. The construction requires the existence of an appropriate chiral measure, and we find an obstruction to the existence of such a measure. The obstruction is closely related to the obstruction for the existence of chiral superfields and is non-linear in the fields. These results imply that the IIB superinvariant related to the $R^4$ term is not associated with a scalar chiral superpotential.