Odontogenic Myxoma: Mandibular Reconstruction by Fibula free flap and fixed implant supported denture

07 Dec 2013

The primary aim of this paper is to present a case study on the mandibular reconstruction of a 25 year old patient by means of a fibula free flap and implant supported fixed partial denture after undergoing surgical removal of an odontogenic myxoma. Odontogenic myxoma are rare, slow growing, locally invasive lesions that do not metastasise. The second objective is to present the theory behind some of the decisions made regarding the patient?s past treatment option with submucosal abutments and a screw retained fixed partial denture as well as the future treatment options with transmucosal abutments and a cement retained fixed implant supported fixed partial denture. Note: all photographs courtesy of faculty of dentistry, University of The Western Cape?s archives.