Nurse managers’ leadership roles in mining primary healthcare settings in Gauteng

10 May 2022

Abstract: Background: Nurse managers carry the light of leadership in mining primary healthcare settings (mPHCs). They must ensure that this light shines for their followers to improve the quality of service rendered in primary healthcare. However, the nurse managers in mPHCs are confusing their leadership roles with management roles. The existing policies such as operational management of mPHCs are also not clarifying the leadership roles of nurse managers. Aim: The purpose of this study was to understand the nurse managers’ leadership roles in mPHCs. Setting: This study was conducted in mPHCs, situated in Gauteng province, in the West Rand in 2017. Methods: A qualitative, exploratory, descriptive and contextual research design was employed in this study. The participants were selected using a non-probability purposive sampling method. Ten participants formed part of the study. To collect data, individual in-depth interviews were conducted. Giorgi’s descriptive thematic data analysis was used to analyse data. Measures to ensure trustworthiness and ethical principles were adhered to. Results: Three themes emanated: confusion of leadership roles with management roles, confusion of leadership roles with clinical roles and confusion of leadership roles with resources management roles. Conclusion: The importance of describing nurse managers’ leadership roles surfaced from this study to eradicate confusion. Contribution: The nurse managers in mPHCs are now understanding their leadership roles, and that leadership roles, management roles, clinical roles and resources management roles are distinguishable.