Numerical simulation of pool boiling on smooth, vertically aligned tandem tubes

25 Jul 2018

In the present study, a numerical simulation of atmospheric pool boiling on tandem, inclined, electrically heated circular tubes is performed. An Eulerian-Eulerian description of the two-phase flow formulations is adopted together with a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) nucleate boiling model to account for the heat and mass transfer in the boiling phenomenon. The pool boiling is studied in the range of 0–100 kW/m2 for the heat flux and for inclination angles of 0–90°. The effect of the boiling liquid characteristics on the key features of the pool boiling phenomenon is studied, as well as using water, ethanol and FC-72 as the working fluid. The numerical results are validated against available experimental measurements, and the effects of the inclination angle, working fluid and magnitude of the heat flux are explored thoroughly.