NucliTrack: An integrated nuclei tracking application

30 Aug 2017

Summary: Live imaging studies give unparalleled insight into dynamic single cell behaviours and fate decisions. However, the challenge of reliably tracking single cells over long periods of time limits both the throughput and ease with which such studies can be performed. Here, we present NucliTrack, a cross platform solution for automatically segmenting, tracking and extracting features from fluorescently-labelled nuclei. NucliTrack performs similarly to other state-of-the-art cell tracking algorithms, but NucliTrack's interactive, graphical interface makes it significantly more user friendly. Availability: NucliTrack is available as a free, cross platform application, and open source Python package. Installation details and documentation are at: / A video guide can be viewed online: Source code is available through Github: . A Matlab toolbox is also available at: Contact: Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.