New imino-pyridyl nickel (II) complexes: synthesis, molecular structures and application as Heck coupling catalysts

17 Mar 2014

Reactions of imino-pyridyl ligands, (2-pyridyl-2-thiophenemethyl)imine (L1) and (2-pyridyl-2-thiopheneethyl)imine (L2) with NiBr2(DME) gave the corresponding complexes [Ni(L1)Br2] (1) and [Ni(L2)Br2] (2) in good yields. Treatment of 1 and 2 with one equivalent of 2-hydroxythiophenol resulted in the displacement of the bromide ligands to form the nickel(II) thiolato complexes 3 and 4. Molecular structure of 3 confirmed that L1 and L2 bind to the nickel atom in a bidentate fashion. Complexes 1-4 catalyzed the Heck coupling reaction of iodobenzene and bromobenzene with methyl acrylate.