Natural antioxidant vitamins: A review of their beneficial roles in management of diabetes mellitus and its complications

25 May 2018

Diabetes mellitus is a complex and progressive metabolic disease which is associated with multiple complications. Chronic hyperglycaemia is the defining characteristic of diabetes mellitus. Hyperglycaemia leads to generation of free radicals and induces oxidative stress, which has become the chief factor that leads to diabetic complications. This review supports the use of antioxidant vitamins as therapeutic agents in the management of diabetes mellitus and its complications, and also provides an insight into the potential pharmacological effects of natural antioxidant vitamins in diabetic conditions. These antioxidant vitamins can be used as safe supplements to manage the occurrence and complications of the disease. Selected studies have reported on the beneficial effects of antioxidant vitamins in experimental models. The involvement of oxidative stress in diabetes and its complications has made the use of natural antioxidant vitamins (free radical scavengers) from plants inevitable as they may be very effective and safer in the management of diabetes.