Mxit marketing communications? influence on liking and preference among Gen Y

05 Sep 2016

The advent of digital and social media has resulted in noteworthy changes in the advertising and marketing environment, which have required companies to approach young consumers in a different manner. Gen Y (young adults) consumers are dependent on the Internet, social network sites, instant messaging and mobile devices to search, organise and transmit information, as well as for entertainment purposes. Marketers are, therefore, compelled to communicate with these digital savvy consumers on social platforms, which they frequent on a regular basis. While organisations have constructed social network profiles and buy online advertising space to promote their brands, many still do not fully comprehend how to successfully integrate social media into their marketing communication strategies. Research on social media marketing communications and the perceptions of users are somewhat limited in a developing country such as South Africa. Mxit is a large social network site in South Africa that mainly uses a mobile platform for users to text each other at a low cost. The inquiry?s main aim was to ascertain Gen Y?s affective attitudinal responses to Mxit marketing communications. The survey design was utilised to sample 1 185 Gen Y participants. These Gen Y respondents demonstrated positive perceptions to Mxit marketing communications in terms of liking and preference hierarchy response levels with several usage and demographic characteristics also having a noteworthy impact. This research serves as a clear indication that marketers should commence or continue to use Mxit as an effective online marketing communication tool, and makes contributions in terms of the application of cohort and attitude theories in the context of Gen Y respondents? attitudes towards SNA in a developing nation. Keywords: Mxit, mobile social