Municipal Regulatory Entity (MRE) Establishment Readiness – Development of an Operating Licencing Administration System (OLAS) and Transactional Platform

20 Apr 2020

In anticipation of the establishment of the Municipal Regulatory Entity (MRE), in terms of the requirements of the National Land Transport Act, Act 5 of 2009 (the NLTA), the City of Cape Town (the City) has developed a technology platform (both transactional and administrative) as part of the City’s SAP system in order to facilitate transactions with the public transport industry. Initially, the City developed the MRE Business Process Blue Print which informed the subsequent development of the technology platform. This platform, will allow for the electronic execution of the transactions whereby the public transport industry will apply for operating licences, and for the MRE to consider operating licence applications and issue operating licences, decals and rank tokens. It is evident, that the combination of both transactional and administrative components relating to operating licence applications on one platform, will not be business as usual for both government and the public transport industry in the process of issuing of operating licences within the City of Cape Town.