Multi-skilling at a training institute (Western Cape Provincial Training Institute) of the provincial government of Western Cape, South Africa: Post training evaluation

30 Oct 2018

As global and national markets become more competitive, businesses are forced to become more adaptable and the public service is by no means exempt from this phenomenon. However, in most organisations, the impact of training and development programmes are undermined. The value placed on increasing knowledge and skills is limited to attending a training programme. Resultantly, the newly acquired information and competencies are very seldom transferred from the classroom to the workplace and without a definite increase in performance and in service delivery; the contribution of actual learning is questionable. This research study used the IHRAP multi-skilling programme (presented by the Western Cape Provincial Training Institute) to gauge the importance of post training evaluation and the benefits that can be derived from it, both for the department and the employee. In addition, the study evaluated whether the participants of the training programme are able to apply concepts and techniques learned in the classroom. A research survey was conducted and the results were analysed. This enabled the researcher to determine where there were gaps in the post training evaluation process. Several recommendations were made to bridge these gaps and in so doing, enabled the training programme to have a greater impact on the participants and in the workplace.