Modulating Thin Film Transistor Characteristics by Texturing the Gate Metal.

14 May 2018

The development of reliable, high performance integrated circuits based on thin film transistors (TFTs) is of interest for the development of flexible electronic circuits. In this work we illustrate the modulation of TFT transconductance via the texturing of the gate metal created by the addition of a conductive pattern on top of a planar gate. Texturing results in the semiconductor-insulator interface acquiring a non-planar geometry with local variations in the radius of curvature. This influences various TFT parameters such as the subthreshold slope, gate voltage at the onset of conduction, contact resistance and gate capacitance. Specific studies are performed on textures based on periodic striations oriented along different directions. Textured TFTs showed upto ±40% variation in transconductance depending on the texture orientation as compared to conventional planar gate TFTs. Analytical models are developed and compared with experiments. Gain boosting in common source amplifiers based on textured TFTs as compared to conventional TFTs is demonstrated.