Modified analytical approach for PV-DGs integration into radial distribution network considering loss sensitivity and voltage stability

10 May 2021

Abstract: Achieving the goals of distribution systems operation often involves taking vital decisions with adequate consideration for several but often contradictory technical and economic criteria. Hence, this paper presents a modified analytical approach for optimal location and sizing of solar PV-based DG units into radial distribution network (RDN) considering strategic combination of important power system planning criteria. The considered criteria are total planning cost, active power loss and voltage stability, under credible distribution network operation constraints. The optimal DG placement approach is derived from the modification of the analytical approach for DG placement using line-loss sensitivity factor and the multiobjective constriction factor-based particle swarm optimization is adopted for optimal sizing. The effectiveness of the proposed procedure is tested on the IEEE 33-bus system modeled using Matlab considering three scenarios. The results are compared with existing reports presented in the literature and the results obtained from the proposed approach shows credible improvement in the RDN steady-state operation performance for line-loss reduction, voltage profile improvement and voltage stability improvement.