Maximizing the pontential of waste heat for generation of environmental friendly energy

19 Jun 2017

Autonomous systems source energy from waste heat which are generated by home appliances and industrial machineries and mitigate the effect of global warming which threatens the environment as a result of fossil fuel energy based sources that release undesirable carbon-monoxide into the atmosphere. This paper described current waste heat recovery practices in different applications, and an innovative approach to convert heat energy into usable forms. This can significantly contribute towards sustainable energy development and meet the growing need for power in small scale applications due to its relative advantages over other sources of energy generation. It will help in optimizing existing waste recovery technologies and developing new heat recovery technologies and gives an insight into various ways by which waste heat can be exploited to meet the growing energy demand and increasing interest in space exploration, satellite activities, structural health monitoring and terrestrial monitoring in harsh and inaccessible environments place a high demand for energy sources for autonomous systems.