Materials design for artificial pinning centres in Superconductor PLD Coated Conductors

23 Aug 2018

To date the strategy for inducing pinning in REBa2Cu3O7-x (REBCO where RE = rare-earth) coated conductors has largely been empirical. Hence, we are not yet at a point where we can dial-in the compositions and process parameters to optimise pinning for particular applications having specific temperature, field, and field angle requirements. In this review, we cover the critical materials science aspects which enable the understanding, design and engineering of desired pinning centre morphologies. Our main emphasis is on in in-situ epitaxial growth of REBCO films by vapour deposition. We review the optimal pinning centre morphologies which have been determined to be effective for different operation regimes. We also highlight how the interplay of thermodynamics (including epitaxial effects), film-particle interfacial strain, and kinetics determine pinning morphologies. Finally, we also briefly cover pinning in rapid ex-situ, liquid assisted growth which is likely to be a necessary universal approach for applications where low cost is critical.