Manifestations of Humanism in Revolutionary Cuba, Che and the principle of universality

09 Jul 2020

The humanist dimension of revolutionary Cuban society owes much to the thinking and action of Che Guevara, a principal architect of the Cuban Revolution. Examination of Che?s association with the humanist tradition of revolutionary thought and, in par- ticular, the ideas of Mart? and Marx reveals his resolute devotion to moral standards and human values (as promoted by Jos? Mart?) and a revolutionary ?theoretical response? to defeating human alienation, oppression, exploitation, and inequality (as advanced by the Marxist tradition). Through his contributions, revolutionary Cuban society embraced a distinctively humanistic ethos despite the efforts of others to imbue it with a dogmatic, cold scholasticism. While some political doctrines have changed since his death, funda- mental socialist tenets prevail in Cuba to this day.