Mandibular reconstruction, four years after Free Fibular Flap surgery

09 Dec 2013

In 1997 the patient visited a local doctor complaining about a painful swelling over the right posterior region of his mandible. It was found that a tumour has developed, and according to pathological results the tumour was identified as Follicular Ameloblastoma. It was then decided to remove the tumour, but due to the large area affected, a free fibular flap surgery was necessary. A few months after surgery, the patient?s lost dentition and masticatory function was restored with a metal removable partial denture. The appliance was not very successful and the patient did not wear it for very long. It was then decided to improve the quality of life with the placement of a more permanent option. The article will deal with the condition of the patient, the treatment thereof and it will also then describe the dental technology treatment plan in action.