Maintenance of industry skills and knowledge by vocational lecturers at South African technical and vocational education and training colleges

25 Jul 2019

This paper reports on a study of mechanisms used by TVET college lecturers in South Africa to maintain industry knowledge and skills once employed in education and training. From focus groups held throughout the country in 2015 and 2016, this study confirms that tourism and hospitality lecturers employed in South African TVET colleges, often lack work-place experience. This study found that lecturers tend to keep their work-based knowledge updated by means of informal mechanisms, such as reading, and furthering academic qualifications. Past research has detected deficiencies in TVET lecturer qualifications and experience; in particular work-place experience and qualifications. Research related to tourism and hospitality lecturers indicates that qualifications are more highly prized by TVET employers than experience. The preference is reinforced: once lecturers are appointed and employed within TVET institutions, further educational credentials have to be acquired, primarily because of the State?s qualification requirements.