Machine Perfusion of Donor Livers for Transplantation: A Proposal for Standardized Nomenclature and Reporting Guidelines.

17 Nov 2017

With increasing demand for donor organs for transplantation, machine perfusion (MP) promises to be a beneficial alternative preservation method for donor livers, particularly those considered to be of suboptimal quality, also known as extended criteria donor livers. Over the last decade, numerous studies researching MP of donor livers have been published and incredible advances have been made in both experimental and clinical research in this area. With numerous research groups working on MP, various techniques are being explored, often applying different nomenclature. The objective of this review is to catalog the differences observed in the nomenclature used in the current literature to denote various MP techniques and the manner in which methodology is reported. From this analysis, we propose a standardization of nomenclature on liver MP to maximize consistency and to enable reliable comparison and meta-analyses of studies. In addition, we propose a standardized set of guidelines for reporting the methodology of future studies on liver MP that will facilitate comparison as well as clinical implementation of liver MP procedures.