Limits on turbulent propagation of energy in cool-core clusters of galaxies

13 Jun 2018

We place constraints on the propagation velocity of bulk turbulence within the intracluster medium of three clusters and an elliptical galaxy. Using Reflection Grating Spectrometer measurements of turbulent line broadening, we show that for these clusters, the 90% upper limit on turbulent velocities when accounting for instrumental broadening is too low to propagate energy radially to the cooling radius of the clusters within the required cooling time. In this way, we extend previous Hitomi-based analysis on the Perseus cluster to more clusters, with the intention of applying these results to a future, more extensive catalog. These results constrain models of turbulent heating in AGN feedback by requiring a mechanism which can not only provide sufficient energy to offset radiative cooling, but resupply that energy rapidly enough to balance cooling at each cluster radius.