Leisure boredom and adolescent risk behaviour: a systematic literature review

29 Aug 2013

There has been very little research investigating leisure boredom and risk behaviour among adolescents in South Africa. A systematic review of literature was conducted to synthesise current knowledge within the field of leisure boredom and risk behaviour among adolescents. An online and a hand search for relevant articles were conducted using keywords. This resulted in the retrieval of 25 articles that met the inclusion criteria. It was evident that the experience of leisure boredom is influenced by a variety of different factors, not least of which is the environment or context within which adolescents are situated. A key finding was how few studies have focussed on leisure boredom and risk behaviour in adolescents, particularly in the developing world. Also, gaps in the knowledge basis were identified, thus providing direction for future research. The review focuses attention on leisure boredom as a factor contributing to risk behaviour in adolescents. Expanding knowledge in this area is useful for individuals and organisations concerned with adolescent health, education and development.