Knowledge of nutrition and exercise diabetes care among patients and their family members in Limpopo Province

23 Dec 2020

Inadequate nutrition and exercise diabetes knowledge adds to expanding diabetes prevalence, as well as to poor diabetes control. Involvement of none-diabetic family members in the care of patients improves their knowledge, lead to changes in lifestyle and eventually lessen chances of developing diabetes, despite that they are in danger due family history. This study was aimed at assessing knowledge of patients and family members regarding nutrition and exercise diabetes care. A quantitative, descriptive study design was conducted. 400 participants were used (200 diabetes patients and 200 family members). Multi-sampling was used. Patients were selected using systematic random sampling from clustered clinics, and same patients were used to select family members. Data was collected using 2 close-ended questionnaires (for patients and family members), analysed using SPSS Software v24.0 and using descriptive statistical analysis. Only 45% and 31% of diabetes patients and family members had excellent overall knowledge of nutrition and exercise diabetes-care respectively. Moreover, 81% and 90% of patients and family members respectively know that nutrition is important in diabetes care, while 84% and 85% respectively know that exercise is important in diabetes care. Only 7% and 4% of patients and family members respectively know exercise prescription. The Majority of both patients and their family members had inadequate knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise diabetes-care. Accordingly, patients are in danger of poor diabetic control, while family members at more risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, there is a need to improve knowledge about nutrition and exercise diabetes-care among patients and their family members.