Key factors of employee satisfaction for the retention of health-related professionals in South Africa

17 Oct 2013

The focus of this study is health-related professionals who, according to reports are pushed into other sectors or out of South Africa. Related health professionals refer to laboratory technologists, pharmacists, radiographers, emergency medical services (paramedics), nurses, and optometrists. These practitioners are a diverse group who deliver high quality care to patients across a wide range of care pathways and in a variety of settings. Several reports have been published with regard to employee dissatisfaction within health care profession, unfortunately much of these reports have focused on doctors and nurses without commensurate attention to other health professionals. The central question in this study is: why are there high levels of employee dissatisfaction amongst healthrelated professionals in South Africa? And what remedies are there? This study therefore attempts to understand the factors that will help to reduce the causes of the often acclaimed sense of job insecurity, high levels of health worker absenteeism, and high turnover rates amongst health-related professionals. The findings will possibly help in addressing the difficulty in retaining skilled healthrelated professionals. Data collected was coded for statistical program for social science (SPSS) suitability. SPSS was utilized to generate the frequency and descriptive statistics. Data collection instrument was the Plus Delta Organisational Climate Questionnaire, which was modified on the basis of a preliminary study. The data instrument achieved a coefficient alpha (Cronbach) of 0.9 thus extending its validity. Utilising exploratory factor analysis, the study reveals new factors which are considered central to retaining health-related professionals.