Is there a role for technology in hospitality studies at an independent South African hotel school?

29 Jun 2017

This study investigated the role of technology in the curriculum of hospitality studies at The International Hotel Schools, South Africa. The research followed a case study format based on the teaching, training and learning technologies used at the three campuses of The International Hotel School (IHS) in South Africa. The IHS is in competition with other accredited private higher educational colleges for a limited student-base and therefore must employ innovative teaching, training and learning methods to attract and educate students. The research design involved both a qualitative and quantitative approach; data collection was through questionnaires, focus group discussions and interviews over a one-year period, and involved both purposive and stratified random sampling. The findings support the need for improved technology in academic functions at the IHS campuses. The significance of the study is the emphasised role and use of relevant technology at the IHS.