Investigating the causes and impact of inconstant Water Supply on the wellbeing of communities : a case of Molemole Local Municipality

05 Apr 2019

This paper investigates infrequent water supply and its impact on communities at Molemole Local Municipality. The paper aims to investigate infrequent water supply in Molemole Local Municipality in Capricorn District Municipality located in Limpopo Province. Although local municipalities in South Africa are regarded as the providers of essential services, such as water, to date most of the municipalities still lack the capacity to provide water services to community members across the country. Molemole Local Municipality finds it challenging to provide water services to communities within its jurisdiction. To achieve this objective, the researcher utilised a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies with a semi structured questionnaire. The findings in this paper prove that the issue of too much dependency on boreholes as water sources brought a number of challenges in terms of water services. Keywords: Borehole, Communities, Dependency, Infrequent, Water supply