Innovative graphic presentation of theoretical and conceptual frameworks (TF & CF) : an option to explore in the built environment research education

16 Oct 2019

Purpose: The aim of this research is to identify at what extend TF & CF have been incorporated into built environment theses, and propose a generic graphic model incorporating basic components of TF & CF. Methodology: A qualitative method was adopted whereby purposively selected social science related research theses conducted from 2005 to 2017 in the Department of Quantity Surveying and Construction Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology were analysed. The proposed generic graphic form was designed incorporating basic features of TF & CF including the gap of knowledge and variables. Findings: It was revealed TF & CF were not incorporated into built environment theses; except few cases from recently completed theses. The proposed model provides a comprehensive breakdown showing various components of TF & CF; respectively, the theoretical stance behind the study; and the paradigm of the study including the gap in knowledge, and variables to be computed. Conclusions: The proposed model results from the effort for innovation towards the improvement of built environment research education. The exploration of this option will hopefully result into improved quality standard and shorter time for completion of research theses. Limitations: At this exploratory stage, few recently completed theses were analysed. The efficiency of incorporating graphic presentation of TF & CF into research studies will further be investigated.