Infectivity virulence and immunogenicity of Anaplasma centrale live blood vaccine

19 Nov 2015

Cross-bred Bos taurus calves, aged between 6 and 8 months, were inoculated with the Onderstepoort Anaplasma centrale live blood vaccine. One group of 15 calves were inoculated once only, while a 2nd group of 15 were revaccinated 6 months later. All the animals were challenged with approximately 1 X 10¹⁰ Anaplasma marginale parasites of a known virulent strain 8 months after the first vaccination. The results of blood smear examination and the card agglutination test indicated that only 20 out of 30 animals vaccinated contracted A. centrale infections after the first attempt, and 3 out of 5 after the second. The vaccine conferred only partial immunity to challenge with a virulent A. marginale strain.