Increasing competitiveness through the application of product design as a knowledge creation management tool

27 Mar 2015

The business environment is becoming more and more competitive as a result of an increasingly globalised economy and the resultant increase in customer expectations. In response, companies are increasing their competitiveness through knowledge management. Although business managers could use design as knowledge creation management, they are not using it as widely as they might as a result of a poor understanding of the contribution of design. This raises the question of how the understanding of design can be improved. A conceptual framework was drawn up, which could assist managers to acquire a sufficient understanding of design. This framework also indicated how design could be both a user and producer of knowledge and, thus, could contribute to a continuous competitive advantage. A curriculum was developed which could provide managers with an effective understanding of design in order to increase a company?s competitiveness by managing design as part of the knowledge creation management of a company.