Improvisational model of business registration for branding services in Congo-Brazzaville

03 Aug 2017

Protracted Congo brand name?s inability to attract investors spells ruin. The research problem is that despite the potential role that can play Information Systems (IS) improvisation in service branding in developing countries, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of Congo -Brazzaville does not have a normative model for online business registration. Such insufficiency stunts Congo?s brand name as investment destination. The study purpose is to propose a normative model of online business registration for service branding. The study was conducted at the DTI Congo-Brazzaville using a mixed methodology. Findings reveal that 75% of respondents w ere male and 25% female. This variable leads to a conclusion that in the absence of normative model, the intention to adopt an online business registration system for re-branding DTI Congo is largely based on male employees? favourable attitudes towards e-commerce. 81.8% of respondents agreed that IS improvisation will close the gaps between the growing usage of e-commerce in the business world and the current total vacuum of it at DTI Congo. The major limitation is that the study does not recommend any specific e -commerce technology to DTI Congo, but as an institution, DTI Congo should evaluate the pros and cons of different e -commerce technologies, and then decide on the most appropriate one. In terms of originality, replacing brick -and-mortar business registration service by the online one at DTI Congo reflects a true contribution of this study to theories of brand personality, sustainability and green supply chain in a way far more impactful than recycling papers in the bin.