Improve the catalytic property of La$_{0.6}$Sr$_{0.4}$Co$_{0.2}$Fe$_{0.8}$O$_{3}$/Ce$_{0.9}$Gd$_{0.1}$O$_{2}$ (LSCF/CGO) cathodes with CuO nanoparticles infiltration

05 Sep 2017

LSCF/CGO composite cathodes decorated with small amount (less than 1 wt%) of nano CuO particles has been synthesized by infiltration technique. The area specific resistance (ASR) of the LSCF/CGO at 500 °C has been significantly reduced by the CuO infiltration from 15.5 Ω cm 2 and 0.62 Ω cm 2 to 3.9 Ω cm 2 and 0.32 Ω cm 2 at 500 °C and 650 °C respectively. The redox reaction of Cu 2+ /Cu 1+ at the interface of CuO and LSCF/CGO has been assigned as the main reason for the improvement. Lattice parameter change of LSCF at 500 °C has been detected by High Temperature XRD, indicating partial diffusion of Cu 2+ into the lattice of LSCF, and formation of a new Cu containing compound. The performance stability of the infiltrated samples has been investigated by aging at 500 °C and 650 °C for 150 hours in stagnant air. A slight degradation of the catalytic property was observed during the aging process. The degradation may be attributed to three factors: (i) the coarsening of CuO nanoparticles, (ii) segregation of the SrO due the lattice change and (iii) instability of the new Cu 2+ contained compounds.