Implementation, effectiveness and political context of comprehensive primary health care: preliminary findings of a global literature review

27 Nov 2012

Primary health care (PHC) is again high on the international agenda. It was the theme of The World Health Report in 2008, thirty years after the Alma-Ata Declaration, and has been the topic of a series of significant conferences around the world throughout 2008. What have we learnt about its impact in improving population health and health equity? What more do we still need to know? These two questions framed a four-year international research/capacity-building project, “Revitalizing Health for All” (RHFA), funded by the Canadian Global Health Research Initiative, which began in 2007. The findings of a global literature review conducted by this Initiative, and focusing on comprehensive primary health care - and how it has been implemented since Alma Ata are presented. The way in which the political context has affected the comprehensiveness of PHC is considered - along with a series of proposed future PHC research areas.