Impact of retail branding on consumer buyer behaviour: A case of retail outlets in Botswana

09 Feb 2018

This study set out to examine the impact of retail outlet brand on mall personality, mall personality on product and service quality, product and service quality on shopping value and shopping value on behavioural response, as well as the overall consumer retail branding on purchase intensions in Botswana. The study was quantitative in nature utilizing a mall intercept survey in Gaborone and Francistown. Gaborone and Francistown were chosen because of the large concentration of retail outlets in these two major commercial hubs. A cross-sectional survey was conducted while a non-probability sampling technique was adopted due to non-availability of sampling frame for customers patronizing retail outlets in Botswana. Using the non-probability sampling techniques, regression analysis and correlation analysis with the aid of SPSS, it was discovered that the overall consumer retail brand with respect to retail outlet, mall personality, and product and service quality, shopping value has an impact on consumer purchase intensions in Botswana. The results of this study have far-reaching implications for research and practice. For instance, the results provide additional evidence of the need for continued brand equity research in emerging economies such as Botswana. The results also offer empirical evidence of the essence of retail branding to companies and consumers in Botswana. Retail branding is thus a significant predictor of a positive consumer response hence consumer retail branding value proposition is considered a significant approach for firms to facilitate growth in Botswana.