Identifying problems and solutions in scientific text.

06 Jun 2018

Research is often described as a problem-solving activity, and as a result, descriptions of problems and solutions are an essential part of the scienti c discourse used to describe research activity. We present an automatic classi er that, given a phrase that may or may not be a description of a scienti c problem or a solution, makes a binary decision about problemhood and solutionhood of that phrase. We recast the problem as a supervised machine learning problem, de ne a set of 15 features correlated with the target categories and use several machine learning algorithms on this task. We also create our own corpus of 2000 positive and negative examples of problems and solutions. We nd that we can distinguish problems from non-problems with an accuracy of 82.3%, and solutions from non-solutions with an accuracy of 79.7%. Our three most helpful features for the task are syntactic information (POS tags), document and word embeddings.