Identification and characterization of the Trichoplusia ni Single Capsid Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus p10 gene

17 Oct 2013

The p10 gene was identified and characterized from the Trichoplusia ni single capsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus (TniSNPV). The p10 open reading frame (ORF) sequence was identified following sequencing of the ends of the EcoRI-G clone. Subsequent sequencing of an EcoRI-SmaI subclone identified the entire p10 and a portion of a p26 homologue. The p10 ORF of 264 basepairs (bps), encoded a predicted protein of 88 amino acids (aas) with Mr 9527 Da. The putative late transcription initiation motif (TAAG) was found upstream of the translation initiation codon at position ÿ46. Downstream of the translation stop codon, a putative poly(A) signal was identified. The p10 amino acid sequence contained the three conserved domains reported for all other p10 genes. The p10 amino acid sequence was most homologous (85% similarity and 67% identity) to that of Buzura suppresaria NPV p10 sequence.