How the partnership of good governance and ethics enhances public administration

10 Oct 2019

The paper interrogates the questionable governance and unethical practices in public administrations. The paper is both conceptual and empirical in nature. Interviewing techniques and document analysis were used to collect data from three public administrations in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Research findings reveal that there is lack of professionalism by public administrators. Secondly, inadequate emphasis of accountability in public administrations, is costly. Thirdly, there is inability to appoint honest people in public administrations. Fourthly, there is leadership deficit in the public sector. Lastly, there is lack of clean-up attitude in public administrations. On that basis, the researcher recommends that public administrations be revolutionised to rid them of entrenched mediocrity visible through their questionable governance and unethical practices. Furthermore, the researcher recommends for accountable administrative leadership that will do the right thing and put Africa first, at all times. That would be part of deinstitutionalising the entrenched mediocrity which delays the service delivery.