Highly polarized electrically driven single-photon emission from a non-polar InGaN quantum dot

19 Mar 2018

© 2017 Author(s). Nitride quantum dots are well suited for the deterministic generation of single photons at high temperatures. However, this material system faces the challenge of large in-built fields, decreasing the oscillator strength and possible emission rates considerably. One solution is to grow quantum dots on a non-polar plane; this gives the additional advantage of strongly polarized emission along one crystal direction. This is highly desirable for future device applications, as is electrical excitation. Here, we report on electroluminescence from non-polar InGaN quantum dots. The emission from one of these quantum dots is studied in detail and found to be highly polarized with a degree of polarization of 0.94. Single-photon emission is achieved under excitation with a constant current giving a g(2)(0) correlation value of 0.18. The quantum dot electroluminescence persists up to temperatures as high as 130 K.