Highly Luminescent Encapsulated Narrow Bandgap Polymers Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole.

19 Apr 2018

We present the synthesis and characterization of a series of encapsulated diketopyrrolopyrrole red-emitting conjugated polymers. The novel materials display extremely high fluorescence quantum yields in both solution (>70%) and thin film (>20%). Both the absorption and emission spectra show clearer, more defined features compared to their naked counterparts demonstrating the suppression of inter and intramolecular aggregation. We find that the encapsulation results in decreased energetic disorder and a dramatic increase in backbone colinearity as evidenced by scanning tunnelling microscopy. This study paves the way for diketopyrrolopyrrole to be used in emissive solid state applications and demonstrates a novel method to reduce structural disorder in conjugated polymers.