High-Fidelity 3D-Nanoprinting via Focused Electron Beams: Computer-Aided Design (3BID)

21 May 2018

Currently, there are few techniques that allow true 3D-printing on the nanoscale. The most promising candidate to fill this void is focused electron-beam-induced deposition (FEBID), a resist-free, nanofabrication compatible, direct-write method. The basic working principles of a computer-aided design (CAD) program (3BID) enabling 3D-FEBID is presented and simultaneously released for download. The 3BID capability significantly expands the currently limited toolbox for 3D-nanoprinting, providing access to geometries for optoelectronic, plasmonic, and nanomagnetic applications that were previously unattainable due to the lack of a suitable method for synthesis. The CAD approach supplants trial and error toward more precise/accurate FEBID required for real applications/device prototyping.