Harmonic Force Constants for Molecular Mechanics Force Fields via Hessian Matrix Projection.

28 Feb 2018

A modification to the Seminario method [ Int. J. Quantum Chem. 1996 , 60 , 1271 - 1277 ] is proposed, which derives accurate harmonic bond and angle molecular mechanics force field parameters directly from the quantum mechanical Hessian matrix. The new method reduces the average error in the reproduction of quantum mechanical normal-mode frequencies of a benchmark set of 70 molecules from 12.3% using the original method, to 6.3%. The modified Seminario method is fully automated, and all parameters are computed directly from quantum mechanical data, thereby avoiding interdependency between bond and angle parameters and other components of the force field. A complete set of bond and angle force field parameters for the 20 naturally occurring amino acids is also provided for use in the future development of protein force fields.