Going wide, not wild : varying conceptualizations of internationalization at a University of Technology in South Africa

29 Nov 2019

Internationalization has become a buzzword in universities today. As a result of the breadth of the term the concept lends itself to many interpretations. There is a view that South African higher education does not have a customized national framework of internationalization, which raises questions about whether the intended outcomes are achieved. This article is a presentation of academics? varying conceptualizations of internationalization at a university in South Africa. Thirteen participants?deans, heads of department, program coordinators, and a director of the international office?were purposively selected to participate in semi-structured interviews. Guided by Leask?s conceptual framework of the internationalization of the curriculum, as well as findings from the participants, this study agrees with others who argue that internationalization is a gradual process, which is beyond student and staff mobility and accreditation by an international body. It is concluded that to enhance effective internationalization at a university, a critical review of academics? conceptualization of the term is essential.