Global dynamics of asymptotically locally AdS spacetimes with negative mass

15 May 2018

The Einstein vacuum equations in five dimensions with negative cosmological constant are studied in biaxial Bianchi IX symmetry. We show that if initial data of Eguchi-Hanson type, modelled after the four-dimensional Riemannian Eguchi-Hanson space, have negative mass, the future maximal development does not contain horizons, i. e. the complement of the causal past of null infinity is empty. In particular, perturbations of Eguchi-Hanson-AdS spacetimes within the biaxial Bianchi IX symmetry class cannot form horizons, suggesting that such spacetimes are potential candidates for a naked singularity to form. The proof relies on an extension principle proven for this system and a priori estimates following from the monotonicity of the Hawking mass.