Genome-wide association study of classical Hodgkin lymphoma identifies key regulators of disease susceptibility

25 Sep 2017

Several susceptibility loci for classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) have been reported, however much of the heritable risk is unknown. Here, we perform a meta-analysis of two existing genome-wide association studies (GWAS), a new GWAS, and replication totalling 5,314 cases and 16,749 controls. We identify risk loci for all cHL at 6q22.33 (rs9482849, P=1.52 × 10-8) and for nodular sclerosis HL (NSHL) at 3q28 (rs4459895, P=9.43 × 10-17), 6q23.3 (rs6928977, P=4.62 × 10-55 11), 10p14 (rs3781093, P=9.49 × 10-13), 13q34 (rs112998813, P=4.58 × 10-8) and 16p13.13 (rs34972832, P=2.12 × 10-8). Additionally, independent loci within the HLA region are observed for NSHL (rs9269081, HLA-DPB1*03:01, Val86 in HLA-DRB1) and mixed cellularity HL (rs1633096, rs13196329, Val86 in HLA-DRB1). The new and established risk loci localise to areas of active chromatin and show an over-representation of transcription factor binding for determinants of B-cell development and immune response.