Generating ideas and managing suggestion systems in organisations : some empirical evidence

26 May 2009

Methods used to generate ideas and suggestions differ. It is generally accepted that employees from all levels in the organisation are involved in the design, but the respondents have different opinions. Suggestion systems consist of formal procedures; its success will depend on a number of factors. It should be explained during the induction process. This paper reports on research of suggestion systems executed through qualitative research with structured interviews in 21 organisations in New Zealand of which 90.48% are from the private sector and 9.52% are from the public sector. A 100% response rate was achieved. To train all the people involved will help to be effective in the Idea Generation Programmes. Software should be used to administer and to manage the process effectively and efficiently. A flow chart was developed by the authors to assist with the generating of ideas system. Line managers should authorise implementation of suggestions. Due to financial issues, higher level approval is needed for rewards as well as for suggestions that could have implications on corporate level. It was found that managers will always play a pivotal role in the success of the suggestion system. Important issues are pointed out in the implications for managers section.