Frictional Fitting Removable Partial Denture for Patients with Cleidocranial Dysostosis

04 Dec 2013

Cleidocranial dysostosis is commonly associated with patients that have extreme tooth abnormalities such as retention of multiple deciduous teeth, impacted teeth or delay of eruption of permanent teeth and also the presence of supernumerary teeth. With these types of irregularities that are caused by cleidocranial dysostosis syndrome it complicates the homogenous relationships between the teeth and jaws of the oral environment and facial muscles and the skeletal posture of the patient. To improve or correct theses irregularities can be a very problematical task for the clinicians and technicians involved. There have been several methods of improving theses abnormalities and preventing the extremity of the severe teeth abnormalities. Each method or appliance has a specific treatment plan that facilitates with the correction of the abnormalities. Only certain methods will be discussed to rectify the tooth abnormalities.